Flower Waters for Health and Beauty

Flower waters like rosewater can be used in a variety of ways e.g. skin tonics, baths and homemade beauty products. In this post, SatuR of the  Untrained Housewife explains how flower waters are derived. She also reveals the differences between flower water and essential oils. She then discusses the following popular flower waters in detail: […]

How to Make a Raw Honey & Coconut Oil Facial Mask

This is a homemade, natural honey &  coconut facial mask recipe by Lindy of   The combination of raw honey and virgin coconut oil is perfect for a variety of skin conditions. Raw honey has healing enymes and nutrients that are ideal for treating skin conditions.  Unlike store-bought honey,  raw honey has not been […]

21 Uses for Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is an excellent source of magnesium.  The heart, muscles,kidneys and other organs in the body need magnesium.  Magnesium also  contributes to energy production, and helps regulate nutrients in the body Katie of WellnessMama shares 21 different ways to use epsom salt.  The really neat thing is that she provides specific short recipes for […]

How to Make Red Rose Lipstick (Recipe)

This recipe for a do-it-yourself lipstick by Marie of HumbleBee and Me, uses Australian Red Reef clay which is a beautiful deep red. The recipe is simple, and uses natural ingredients.  In addition to the clay, the recipe uses beeswax, several butters, an essential oil, and other ingredients. Marie also  provides helpful  photographs.  This is […]

How to Make Elderberry Ice Pops

Elderberry has a wide variety of uses:  antioxidant, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, improves heart health. fights coughs, colds, flu and bacterial and viral infections.  It’s one powerful berry! Over at One Organic Mama’s home, she had a sick family. Her kids were feeling miserable.  She remembered some people raving about elderberries and wanted […]

Sleep Better with a Chamomile & Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm and Chamomile are both great herbs to use when you’re dealing with insomnia.  What’s even better is combining them both into a relaxing tea that will help you to sleep soundly. Click on the Sleep Better with a Chamomile & Lemon Balm Tea link below for Sipandom’s recipe for a relaxing, sleep tea. You […]

24 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

There are a lot of triggers for heartburn: spicy foods, pregnancy, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes and more.  Jillee of One Good Thing has done some research and shares her list of 24 natural home remedies for heartburn. Here are a few.  Apple cider vinegar calms stomach distress.  Just stir 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar […]

100+ DIY Projects to Make with Fruit Scraps (EBook)

This is a wonderful and creative EBook by JES of the Strangers and Pilgrims On Earth website.  In this 264 page book, she shares over 100 of her personal recipes and tutorials for beauty, cleaning, health, home and food projects using fruit peels and scraps.  The subtitle is An Old Fashioned “Waste Not, Want Not” […]

Homemade Tangerine & Lavender Sugar & Salt Scrub

Mountain Body makes a line of all natural skin products.  In this post Rebecca of Camp Wander shares a homemade version of  the Mountain Body Lavender and Tangerine body scrub. This scrub is unusual in that it uses both sugar and salt which helps the longevity of the scrub.  The recipe has just 8 natural ingredients […]

An Easy Homemade Conditioner for Frizzy or Curly Hair

Heidi and her family live on a farm in Ontario, Canada.  She is a very entertaining writer and has a blog called Lightly Crunchy.  Here she shares her recipe for a hair mask for frizzy or curly hair. This is really a conditioner.  The recipe contains just 3 ingredients.  You apply it warm to your […]