10 Homemade Herbal Tea Recipes

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This is a nice post.  Jennie of Straight from the Farm developed 10 different, loose-leaf tea blends. These are homemade blends using herbs that she grew herself.  She shares the recipes in this post.  Her favorites are the Floral Fantasy Tea and the Spiced Anise Tea.

Use a teaspoon of tea per 8-ounce cup.  You can also use a little less tea, and steep the tea longer.

If you see a blend you like, and haven’t grown the herbs yourself, you can buy herbs from a local grower, or from the sources listed below.

These are Jennie’s tea blends:

  • Floral Fantasy Tea
  • Spiced Anise Tea
  • Devoted Remembrance Tea
  • Dark Rose Tea
  • Aromatic Mint Tea
  • Good Start Tea
  • Chocolate Mint Tea
  • Black Licorice Tea
  • Everything & More Tea
  • Love Charm Tea
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Click below for the recipe.

10 Homemade Herbal Tea Recipes


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