10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast

10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast

Pain is the main symptom that causes people to go to a doctor. It can be acute pain which is usually more severe and short-lived. This is the type of pain that results from an accident of some sort. Chronic pain is ongoing and can be mild to severe. It usually results from some underlying disease or condition like arthritis or bursitis.

Substance P is a small peptide found in the brain and spinal cord that transmits pain signals from sensory nerves to the central nervous system. Substance P binds to a receptor molecule that actually relays the pain signal to the central nervous system. So if substance P detects joint pain, the feeling is transmitted to the brain with the help of a receptor molecule, is translated by the brain as pain and you feel pain. There are some compounds like capsaicin, found in chili peppers, that block the activity of substance P. So capsaicin is found in a lot of pain salves.

This article discusses 10 different foods that can kill pain quickly. Some of the foods bring temporary relief from pain. The article points out other foods that contains substances that reduce inflammation, which can bring longer term relief for some conditions.

Here is just one of the foods:

Dark cherries contain vitamin C, potassium and fiber. There was a 2012 study that found that people with gout who ate dark cherries or cherry extract had a reduced risk of future gout attacks. They also contain anthocyanins which have an ant-inflammatory effect. As a result tart cherries help to reduce muscle soreness, and improved pain symptoms in patients who had osteoarthritis.

Read more about dark cherries and other pain-relieving foods by visiting the 10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast link below.

10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast

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