10 Toxic Products No One Needs in Their Home

10 Toxic Products No One Needs

We often comment on this blog that a lot of commercial products contain toxic chemicals. However, we don’t often go into detail. This is an excellent article by Healthy Child Healthy on the MindBodyGreen website that is specific about the chemical dangers of certain products.  It discusses 10 different, specific products that you probably have in your home right now. It explores those products and reveals the health problem that they pose.

For example, although vinyl (PVC)is banned in over 14 countries, it’s still sold in the US. The problem with PVC is that it can leach phthalates which have been linked to hormone disruption. PVC is also a source of lead which is a powerful neurotoxicant. The result is contamination of indoor air, dust, and human beings. Healthy Child Healthy explains how to identify and avoid vinyl.

The remainder of the article reveals 9 other products that are toxic and should be replaced with safer options.  This is a “Must Read” article.  Click on the 10 Toxic Products No One Needs in Their Home link below to read more. 

10 Toxic Products No One Needs in Their Home

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