10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

10 Ways to Strengthen Immune System

A strong immune system can help you with an illness in two different ways. It can help you to fend off that illness, whether it’s viral or bacterial. In the event that you do become sick, a healthy immune system can speed up your recovery time.

Dawn of Small Footprint Family shares 10 different ways to strengthen your immune system. There is such good information in this article. She explains:

  • Foods to eat
  • Beneficial lifestyle changes
  • A key amino acid to include in your diet
  • A key vitamin that you need
  • An essential oil blend that you can make at home that has been proven to be more than 99% effective against airborne bacteria
  • What to drink
  • What single action will help your immune system the most
  • and MORE!

Dawn also includes many helpful links and homemade recipes. To read an article that can not only save you from illness this winter, but can also make you a healthier person, click on the 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System link below.

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

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