12 Home Remedies for Snoring

12 Remedies for Snoring

Approximately 45% of the population snores. That’s a lot of people. There are many factors that can lead to snoring. The physical structure of your mouth and sinuses, your weight, allergies, a bad cold can all result in snoring.

When you go to sleep the muscles in your mouth, throat and tongue all relax. This can lead to a partial obstruction of your airway, which causes a vibration as you breath. This causes the sound of snoring. The more narrow the airway, the louder you snore.

One impact of snoring is that the snorer gets a poor night’s sleep. And the same is true of anyone sleeping in the same room as the snorer. But a larger problem is that people who snore may have obstructive sleep apnea which means that their breathing is disrupted for short periods while they sleep. This increases their risk for future heart disease. So if you or your spouse are concerned about your snoring, please check it out with your doctor.

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In this article, Claire shares 12 home remedies and strategies you can try to stop snoring. She discusses lifestyle changes, physical changes to your bedroom, changes in how you sleep, herbal pills, cleaning out allergens, a specific type of yoga and more.

However, the section of her article that I liked the best discusses how to troubleshoot and pinpoint why you snore. There are basic things you can look at like reducing weight or not drinking alcohol before going to bed. But if your weight is appropriate and you don’t drink before bed, then with the help of your spouse or partner, you can try to diagnose HOW you snore. Do you:

  • Snore With Your Mouth Closed
  • Snore With Your Mouth Wide Open
  • Snore When on Your Back
  • Snore Regardless of Position

Claire provides some guidance depending on which of the above 4 ways you snore. It’s really a terrific, well-written article.  View Claire’s article here:

12 Home Remedies for Snoring


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