12 Ways to Use Rose Petals in the Kitchen

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Rose Petal Jam

We don’t often think of using roses in our cooking.  However, roses make wonderful floral preserves and garnishes. They can be used in many other dishes too.  Dana of has collected 12 different ways to use rose petals in the kitchen. In the post, each idea listed links to the original article and recipe.

  • Use in cocktails.
  • Decorate cookies.
  • Make rose-scented honey.
  • Make edible blossoms (not specifically, roses, but many nice ideas).
  • Rose Petal Jam 1 – Emiko Davies
  • Rose Petal Jam 2 – Rose Petal Jam
  • Candied rose petals – Food & Wine
  • Rose petals in a salad – Healthy Green Kitchen
  • Rose Milk from India – eCurry
  • Rose Cupcakes – Paris Loves Pastry
  • Rose Petal Custard – Epicurious
  • Persian Stuffed Squash with Rose Petals – Epicurious

Click below for Dana’s post.

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12 Ways to Use Rose Petals in the Kitchen


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