13 Natural Remedies for Depression

13 Natural Remedies for Depression

Claire suffers from depression and over time has found that there are things she can do besides taking prescription drugs to control her moods. What I like about this post (and all of Claire’s posts) is that she explains in detail how each remedy works. She explores:

  • What to eat
  • What to drink
  • What not to drink
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Alternative medicine
  • Professional options
  • Herbal treatments
  • A mineral that can help
  • A special type of therapy that might help
  • A helpful seed to eat
  • And more!

It’s really an excellent and helpful article. Click on the 13 Natural Remedies for Depression link below to read Claire’s remedies.

P.S. Claire has also written the  Everyday Roots Book. It includes 215+ original home remedies that will help you to replace toxic medications and products with healthier, natural alternatives. It’s really a quality, well-written book.

13 Natural Remedies for Depression

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