15 Earth Day Crafts (Tutorials)

15 Earth Day Crafts

I missed Earth Day but loved these crafts and decided to share anyway. Erin has collected 15 fantastic DIY recycled crafts that are easy to make. Some of these are really neat!

If you see a craft you’d like to make, just click the link above the picture. You’ll find tutorials for:

  • Earth Day Eco Owls
  • How to Make Recycled Luminaries
  • Piggy Bank Water Bottle
  • Recycled Can Chime
  • How to Make a Butterfly Oasis Out of Empty Jars
  • Egg Carton Lamp
  • Plantable Paper for Earth Day
  • TP Craft Caddy
  • Ice Heart Bird Feeders
  • Recycled Portable Art Case
  • Old T-Shirt Coffee Cup Sleeve
  • Egg Carton Wreath
  • Monster Mash Recycled Bottles
  • Juice Bottle Glitter Vases
  • Nature Sculpture

Click on the 15 Earth Day Crafts (Tutorials) link below to see all 15 DIY crafts

15 Earth Day Crafts (Tutorials)