15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells

Source: One Good Thing

After you read this article, you’ll never look at eggshells in the same way again. Among the other facts about eggs that I learned in this post by Jillee of One Good Thing, is what causes the color of an egg shell to be white or brown.  I won’t give away the secret but it’s really amazing.

In this post you’ll also get details and recipes about using egg shells for:

  • Nourishing Face Mask
  • Treat Skin Irritations
  • Powerful Cleaner
  • Garden Fertilizer
  • Start Some Seedlings (one of my favorite uses!)
  • Pest Control
  • House Plant Booster
  • Cat Deterrent
  • Better Tasting Coffee
  • Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk (Another favorite!)
  • Laundry Whitener
  • Eggshell Candles

Click the 15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells link below to read Jillee’s fascinating article.

15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells

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