17 Anti-Aging Oils for Beautiful Skin & Recipes

17 Anti-Aging Oils for Beautiful Skin & Recipes

This is an information-packed article. Janice discusses 17 different oils that can be used in anti-aging remedies. She also includes recipes for 3 different anti-aging serums.

The oils are divided between carrier oils and essential oils. One of my favorite carrier oils for beauty applications is Rosehip Seed Oil. Janice explains the concentrated component in Rosehip Seed Oil that allows it to reduce wrinkles, heal damaged skin, smooth out fine skin lines and more. One of the qualities I like is that this is a lighter oil that is easily absorbed into the skin. It’s never greasy.

The essential oils include carrot seed oil, geranium oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, pomegranate seed oil, neroli oil and more.

There are also step-by-step recipes for:

  • A Firming and Anti-Aging Serum
  • Super Anti-Aging Serum
  • An Easy Anti-Oxidant Serum

It’s a very nice and informative article. Click on the 17 Anti-Aging Oils for Beautiful Skin & Recipes link below to read the complete article and see the recipes.

17 Anti-Aging Oils for Beautiful Skin & Recipes


  1. faiza virani-fazal says:

    Can I use roller bottles for my serums and can they be plastic.
    Also can i put my eye serum in a metal case.

    Thank you!

    • I think glass roller bottles are better because you don’t risk leaching & reactions from plastic. You also don’t risk chemical reactions with metal. 🙂

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