17 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil (Infographic)

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There are so many different ways you can use coconut oil as a beauty aid.  However, sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the different applications.

Alexandra of IdealHomeGarden put together a neat infographic that details 17 beauty uses for coconut oil.  I love infographics!  You can visually summarize so much information effectively on a single page.

She shares:

  • 4 coconut oil hair treatments.  For each hair or scalp problem she lists a short recipe.
  • 6 coconut oil face treatments.    You’ll find recipes for:

– Face Wash
– Facial Scrub
– Moisturizer
– Makeup Remover
– Face Mask
– Lip Balm

  •  There’s a short summary of coconut oil properties.
  •  Finally there’s a list of 7 Coconut Oil Body treatments

Click below to see this informative infographic.

17 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


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