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zzzzzzzzzchart-ebook-3d-cover has some neat FREE offers.

  • Healing Herbs eBooks by Rosalee de la Foret

This eBook lists 23 herbs covered on the Healing Herbs Wall Chart (More about this below) .  It defines herbal properties, and provides a neat recipe or remedy for each herb.

To get this eBook you only have to enter your email address.  AND you get a second eBook for FREE.  It’s the WildFoods Cookbook by Rosalee.  It has a lot of recipes for dandelions, chickweed, yellow dock, elderberry, stinging nettle, burdock root, roses, seaweed and bee pollen.


  • Herbal Wall Chart also has a wall chart with summary information for each of the 23 herbs in the Healing Herbs eBook.  This is a beautiful chart which they will mail you.  However, you need to subscribe to Healing Herbs.  They have a trial offer of $1 a month.  This is recurring billing so you’ll be charged for each month you stay a member.  Also, the trial pricing is for a limited amount of time.  LearningHerbs has a lot of great information So you may want to join.  However, the FREE eBook contains more information about the same herbs.


  • Techie Note:

These are  PDF eBook document so you don’t need a Kindle or other eBook reader.  You need  the  Free Adobe Acrobat reader which you can get HERE Now when I downloaded this eBook I found it wasn’t  really in PDF format.  It opened fine, and I could read it.  When I saved it, it was in a different format.  No worries though ~ I could still click the file and read it. This could just be an issue with my computer, but I wanted to give you a heads-up. Instead of saving the eBook you could bookmark the download link, or you could print the book out.


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