20 Foods That Give You Energy

20 Foods That Give You Energy

Almost everyone has a busy life filled with different responsibilities. It’s almost impossible to operate at 100% energy each and every day. It’s more normal to experience periodic energy drains where it’s hard to focus and get things done.

Many people reach for more coffee loaded with caffeine to get through these low-energy periods.Now Coffee and tea are both on this list of 20 foods that give us energy. However, the article shares 18 additional foods we can consume for that extra energy we need.Divider1Small

These are healthy but filling foods. They contain vitamins, minerals, lean protein, essential fatty acids, healthy refined carbs, fiber, antioxidants, magnesium (converts food to energy), an amino acid that relieves fatigue, and more.

I’ll share one additional food on the list: Green Smoothies. I think green smoothies are exceptional energy boosters. Add the berries of your choice, some leafy greens, a banana, some Greek yogurt and you’ll feel a slow but steady energy boost. Even better, add in a tablespoon of rice protein and ground flaxseeds and the smoothie becomes perfect.

Visit the 20 Foods that Give You Energy link below to see all of the energy-boosting foods:

20 Foods That Give You Energy.

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