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4 Remedies for Allergy Season

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may already be experiencing symptoms: itchy eyes, sneezing, headaches and more.This article shares 3 different herbs that can help with allergies. The fourth remedy is a vegetable that provides support for the liver, which helps the health of your entire body. There are a lot of suggestions on […]

40 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Living (Juicer Recipes Book)

  40 Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Living by Jenny Allan currently FREE on Kindle. It has a favorable rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on 215 reviews. The book includes all-fruit juice recipes, all-vegetable juice recipes, combination fruit and vegetable recipes and fruit smoothies. The recipes look good and it’s FREE! […]

Why the Leviathan Should Be Called “The Boldest Sandwich of All”

Dan and Chris of the LiveDan330 website were one of 16 bloggers challenged by Boar’s Head to create the “Boldest sandwich of them all” using Boar’s Head deli products. They created the LEVIATHAN – a sandwich that is hot, crisp, fresh, and delicious. It has: Grilled Cheese Buns! 6 Tbsp of homemade jalapeño butter 1/4 […]

How to Grow Roses for Medicinal Use

There is a lot of good information about growing roses for medicinal use in this article. Kat describes the 3 classifications of roses. She then explains how to select roses for your garden, how roses are graded, and the difference between bare-root and potted roses. Kat goes into detail about planting and caring for roses.Toward […]

Blueberry & Chia Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipe

  Blueberries are filled with nutrients and healthy properties.  They’re rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins A, C, E & K.  They fight free radical damage,  disease, and help us to look and feel younger.  They are a power berry! Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in […]

Make Your Own Homemade Soda Pop

Commercial soda pop contains  a lot of chemicals, fructose corn syrup and sometimes caffeine.  When I did drink soda years ago I was pretty much addicted.  I cut back quite a bit but this looks like an interesting recipe. Amanda’s recipe is a combination of lemon zest, sugars, spices and herbs.  It uses lavender flowers which […]

5 Homemade Healing Honey Infusions for a Healthy Life

Honey has many health benefits: it’s antibacterial, keeps things (like skin) moist, and is soothing.  It’s also a wonderful sweetener. Claire of EveryDayRoots shares her recipes for 5 flavored honeys.  It’s best to use  raw, organic honey, if you can.  After each recipe she explains the medicinal benefits of the honey, and how to best […]

20 Unusual Uses for Garlic

If you’re interested in natural health and living, then garlic should be a part of your life. It has amazing antibiotic properties and can kill bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses. In this article, Stephanie discusses 20 unusual uses for garlic. She includes little recipes for each of the uses. Beauty applications Skin problems Insect control […]

Homemade All-Natural Lemon Ginger Fruit Gummies Recipe

Lindsay first discusses the health benefits of gelatin and the collagen it derives from.  Introducing gelatin (and collagen) back into our diets as adults is one way to help to address sagging skin, joint problems, thinning hair and so on. Lindsay also shares her recipe for Lemon Ginger Fruit Gummies which  contains gelatin. This is […]

Homemade Lavender Linen Spray Recipe

Linen water is a scented spray for sheets and laundry. Commercial linen water products can reach prices as high as $26.00! So Jillee decided to make a homemade lavender-scented linen spray.It’s a simple recipe that uses lavender essential oil, distilled water, and one other ingredient. You can use it to spray laundry, pillow slips, curtains […]