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DIY Soap On A Rope Recipe

Katie demonstrates how to make soap on a rope with glycerin melt and pour soap base. It’s a very thorough tutorial. This recipe produces clear glycerin soap that’s wonderfully scented with essential oils. I think I’d use lavender for one bar and lemon for another bar. But the beauty is you can use any single […]

How to Make Lavender & Bergamot Soap

Bergamot is often used by perfume makers because of its ability to combine with other scents in a complementary way. It has a citrusy, spicy, floral scent. Marie decided to par it with lavender essential oil in this soap. She describes the resulting scent as “…soft, rich and intriguingly bright.” This recipe assumes that you’re […]

67 Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

Erin has really outdone herself with this article. First, she lists 8 basic ingredients that you need to start out making your own homemade cleaning recipes. Then she provides links to 67 different homemade, all-natural cleaning recipes. There’s a LOT of variety. You’ll find the following cleaning recipes: 7 Bathroom 1 Laundry Room 7 Detergent […]

23 Items Under $5 You Should Have in Your Car & That Can Save Your Life!

It’s a good rule of thumb to prepare in advance for emergencies. In this article by Jillee of One Good Thing , she discusses some critical items you can put in a bag in your car to help if  you’re stranded.  I think planning like this is a real necessity wherever you live. Jillee has  […]

5 Easy Smoothie Recipes To Heal The Body

Smoothies with healthy ingredients can help you with weight loss, digestion, improved energy, and other health issues.  These smoothies use fresh juice, fruit, veggies, herbs, and other natural ingredients.  Shannon of Mind Body Green shares smoothies to help with: Jet Lag Anti Aging Weight Loss Digestive Problems Stress Relief Click on the 5 Easy Smoothie Recipes […]

Homemade Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water Recipe

Infused water is a wonderful way to break the soft drink habit. This is a recipe for a wonderful, citrusy infused-water that uses just 3 ingredients. One ingredient boosts the metabolism which can aid weight loss. Another helps the immune system and adds natural sweetness to the water. The third ingredient improves digestion and also […]

9 Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be extremely painful. It’s not a coincidence that dry, cracked heels seem to occur during the winter time. They’re often caused by a lack of moisture. In addition to cold, dry winter weather, here are a few more causes of cracked heels: Dehydration Not moisturizing you feet with a good cream Standing on […]

How to Make Your Own Outdoor Plant Chandelier

This is such a creative idea for a well-lit patio or backyard. It’s an outdoor plant chandelier. Laura provides step-by-step directions on how to cut and mount the chandelier frame and how to insert the plants. Supplies list included. Excellent tutorial. Click on the How to Make Your Own Outdoor Plant Chandelier link below to […]

How to Make an Easy Herbal Oil Infusion

There’s a lot of useful information packed into this article by Betsy of DIY Natural.  Betsy discusses: The benefits of herbal infused oils Tips for making an herbal infused oil Different methods for making herbal infusions Picking herbs and oils based on how you intend to use them – Culinary – Herbal salves – Beauty […]

20 Perennial Vegetables to Plant Once and Enjoy Forever!

Dawn first provides a brief history of perennial plants. She also reviews the benefits of perennial vegetables including their low maintenance requirements and how they extend the harvest. What I liked is that she also discusses the drawbacks of perennials. She includes a list of recommended perennials. Here are a few: asparagus, artichokes,garlic, kale, and […]