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How to Make Lemon Balm Bug Spray

Jan has tested this homemade lemon balm bug spray and reports a 100% success rate when using it. Please note that this is for people and not pets. The recipe is a neat blend of lemon balm, mint, two other herbs, lemongrass essential oil, several other essential oils and a few other ingredients. Jan’s directions […]

How to Make Infused Spa Water

Water infused with fruits and herbs and cooled with ice and water is really a wonderful way to escape the summer heat. Infused water is both refreshing and hydrating. In this article, Deb shares her basic recipe which uses fruit and berries, herbs and other ingredients. She has a specific process, which she explains clearly. […]

How to Deal With Indoor Humidity Naturally

You may have heard the comment “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” It’s very true. Hot dry heat is much easier to tolerate than hot and humid climates. If you have high humidity it just feels hotter (heat index) and it’s often more difficult for some people to breath. In this article, Debra also […]

5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water for Your Garden

This article on the Herbal Academy of New England website raises the question: Is it possible to conserve water and sustain a garden at the same time? Water conservation is a serious issue, especially in areas experiencing drought. It turns out the answer is “Yes,” if you take advantage of rainfall, use certain gardening methods, […]

How to Make Summertime Fruit & Herb Sun Tea

Bonnie loves tea and when the weather warms up, she likes to make Summertime Sun Tea using tea and other ingredients. It’s the other ingredients that caught my attention. In addition to the tea, she uses a variety of fruit and herbs. One important key is that she uses sterilized mason jars and lids to […]

Homemade DIY Herbal Infused Oils

Herbal infusions can be used to make a variety of herbal remedies. This article explains how to make an herbal infusion. Amy first reviews a number of different herbs that you can use in your infusion. She then shares some oils that work great when creating an herbal infusion. Finally, she discusses a couple of […]

A Summer Bitters Recipe to Aid Digestion

The effect of bitter food on the body is really interesting. When we eat bitter food, the body stimulates digestion, and increases appetite slightly. Bitter foods aid the entire digestive process! In this article, Megan explains: When to Use Bitters Common Bitter Herbs Bitter Plant Compounds Bitter Energetics Then she shares an herbal recipe for […]

15 Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol

This article includes a very thorough discussion of the role of cholesterol in the body and side effects of statin medications, which are normally prescribed for high cholesterol. You’ll also find 15 home remedies that can naturally reduce cholesterol. I featured this article because of the thoroughness of the research and the variety in the […]

5 Frequently Overlooked & Untreated Causes Of Migraines

Dr. Gary Kaplan discusses 5 different causes of migraine headache that are often overlooked. If you get migraine headaches and have one of these conditions, treating the underlying cause can get rid of the headaches. He explores the following underlying conditions: An Autoimmune disease A deficiency of a key element A particular physical disorder An endocrine […]

3 Herbal Iced Tea Recipes to Beat the Heat

Leigh Ann shares 3 of her favorite herbal iced tea recipes. First she explains how to make basic herbal tea. The she includes recipes for: Lemon Pineapple Refresher Tea Cooling Peppermint Tea Surprising Lemon-Lime Ginger Tea To see all 3 herbal tea recipes, click on the 3 Herbal Iced Tea Recipes to Beat the Heat […]