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10 Cool Things You Can Do With Tea Bags

One of the results of drinking tea that you make with tea bags is that you end up with a lot of sodden, used tea bags. The surprising thing is that you can take used tea bags and use them in a lot of different, constructive ways. For example, did you know you can apply […]

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – Amazing Value

  Rewind back to January of 2014 — you likely made plans back then for yourself. You perhaps even took up some new year’s resolutions. You likely vowed to improve and transform yourself… to be in better health, to be in better shape, to live a longer life. Fast-forward back to the present and tell […]

How to Make All Natural DIY Pineapple Cough Syrup

This is Sue’s creative, all natural cough syrup that uses pineapple. It turns out that pineapple contains an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to control coughing and mucus. Sue uses other ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, soothing, and warming. This is a really simple recipe. You measure out the ingredients, throw them in […]

10 Essential Immune-Boosting Foods You Should Be Eating

The advantage of eating healthy foods that boost your immune system, is that your body will have a greater ability to fight off illness. And if you do happen to get sick, immune-boosting foods should help you to recover more quickly. In this article, Dana shares 10 immune-boosting foods. For each food, herb, fruit, or […]

How to Make Easy, DIY Hair Rinses with Essential Oils

Using shampoo and other products can leave various residues on your hair. In this article, Katie shares a natural, homemade hair rinse that cut down on the build-up of residues. One key ingredient in her recipes balances the natural pH of the hair. It also cleans and conditions the hair. Katie also provides a substitution […]

How to Make Homemade Christmas Bath Bombs

I like bath bombs because they help you to create a spa treatment at home. Warm to hot bath water, the fizzing bath bomb, the scent of essential oils, and other moisturizing oil, all combine to relax and soothe your tired, aching body. These bath bombs or fizzies are scented with a Christmas blend of […]

A Natural Approach – Inhalers for Sleep, Sinus Infection, and Anxiety

I selected this article because I think it’s a novel approach for delivering aromatherapy inhalation treatments for different purposes. This is like the commercial inhalers for congestion, that you may have used in the past. However, it’s better because all you use here are blends of essential oils. Andrea shares 3 of her aromatherapy recipes that […]

How to Make Hyssop Oxymel to Fight Colds, Flu and Bronchitis

Hyssop has been used i nhealing remedies for centuries It’s a warming herb. Rosalee explains how this is helpful with a variety of ailments. It’s ideal for treating coughs, and mucus congestion. One of hyssop’s effects is to act as an expectorant. It’s also used to treat sinus infections. Rosalee shares a centuries-old hyssop oxymel […]

How to Make Ginger Cold Buster Tea

Ginger has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It contains a variety of beneficial properties. Just a few are: antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral.  In this article, Kami shares her recipe for Ginger Tea. If you’re concerned about getting a cold or the flu, drinking a cup or two of this tea can help. Kami […]

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re stumped about presents to give or hate the idea of shopping in stores, check out this great article by Marie. She’s pulled together some terrific recipes for natural products that you can make and give as presents. These are also easy gifts to make. You’ll find: 8 […]