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Giant List of 230+ Heirloom Seed Suppliers with LINKS!!

This is an AMAZING resource that list 230+ domestic and foreign suppliers of heirloom/non-GMO/organic seeds. The list is divided by country: USA Europe (except UK and Ireland) Canada Australia & New Zealand South Africa For each seed supplier you’ll find: The name of the Supplier A clickable link to the supplier Location Notes & Information […]

How to Make Homemade Snow Soap

It may be too late to make this soap this year. But I had to share the recipe because it’s so unique. Jan explains how she used snow to make cold process soap. In addition to snow, the recipe uses several oils, shea butter, lye, essential oil, and several other ingredients. She also shares two […]

How to Make Lavender Infused Oil

Sonja of Practical Stewardship decided to make some lavender infused oil.  In this post she provides instructions on how to make a triple infusion which produces a much stronger lavender oil. She shares some interesting insights about the parts of the lavender plant that produced the best infusion for her.  Sonja also includes some great […]

How to Make Fruit Crates From Pallets

This is a very detailed and helpful tutorial about how to make fruit crates from wooden pallets. You’ll learn the 3 secrets to making fruit crates that will protect your fruit and not bruise them. The tutorial specifies the dimensions of the wood. There are also very nice, step-by-step photographs. Click the How to Make […]

How to Make Pumpkin Sunflower Nut Butter

This is Stacy’s recipe for Pumpkin Seed and Sunflower Seed nut butter.  I loved this recipe because Stacy admits to hating making nut butter.  I love eating nut butters but making them is a bit tedious. But this butter is technically Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Butter 🙂 One of the advantages with seeds is that […]

10 Herbs to Grow in a Natural Remedies Garden

If you want to plant a medicinal herb garden, this is a great article. Jan shares 10 different medicinal herbs that she suggests planting in your garden. If for any reason you can’t garden, she gives you a couple of options for getting fresh or dried versions of these herbs. I love this article because […]

11 Natural Remedies for Zits

Daria has collected 11 different natural remedies to zap zits. Underneath a photo of each  remedy, she provides a brief summary and link to the recipe. There’s a nice variety of different remedies. Here are just a few. A mixture that uses jojoba oil with garlic and tea tree oil Homemade pimple cream that uses […]

Homemade Coconut and Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray

This is Shannon’s neat and interesting recipe for a homemade coconut and lemon hand sanitizer. The recipe uses coconut extract and lemon essential oil for a wonderful scent. She provides two different types of alcohol that you can use to kill germs . The final ingredient leaves your hands nice and smooth. The recipe couldn’t […]

How to Naturally Attract Birds and Wildlife To Your Yard

In this article, Debra discusses different methods to attract birds and wildlife to your yard. It’s a very thorough article with a lot of good information and resources. She discusses various ways to use food, water and ground cover to attract birds and other wildlife. There are great details about feeders, plants, bird baths, nesting […]

6 Easy Home Remedies for Congestion

When you’re congested and can’t breath normally, life can be miserable. A stuffy nose and any related sinus pressure, can lead to headaches and sinus infections. In 6 Easy Home Remedies for Congestion, Laurie shares some homemade remedies to help you and your family with congestion. The remedies include: A recipe for an easy to […]