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How to Make a Delicious Dewberry Syrup

I selected this post because I had never heard of dewberries. It turns out that dewberries are closely related to blackberries, but I’ve also seen them compared to raspberries. They grow on small trailing brambles in the wild. They have vines that are covered with small thorns. This post includes some cautions about foraging for dewberries. […]

The Limits of Herbalism – Herbal Academy of NE

This is a very interesting article that discusses what I feel is an important and  commonsense approach to herbalism. In life, we may have accidents or illnesses that require the care of a skilled medical doctor. After treatment by a doctor, we can then consider using herbs that will encourage healing. Since some herbs can interact […]

16 Patriotic Handmade Wreaths

If you’re at all crafty, this post should spark some ideas for creating your own patriotic wreaths. These patriotic wreaths are perfect for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. But some of these wreaths would also add a nice patriotic touch any time of the year. However, there are no instructions or tutorials that […]

35 Ingenious DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects

Pallet wood projects are really popular. Pallets are usually easy to find and the wood can result in a nice, rustic look. This is a neat collection of  35 different DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects. If you see a project you like, click on the instructions  link under the picture and you’ll see a complete tutorial […]

D.I.Y Tomato Plant Protection

Gayla lives in Toronto, where unexpected cold and frost can kill any tomatoes or other plants that have been planted too early. This is the time of the year when you can have warm weather during the day and cold weather and winds at night. In this article, she shares how she protected a dwarf […]

DIY Dry Heel Repair Stick

During the winter it’s common for heels and feet to get dry and cracked. And then comes spring and the transition to sandals. Like Jillee, a lot of people wear sandals almost all the time. The lack of protection can also make heels dry and cracked. Not only does this look unattractive, it’s a potential health risk. […]

18 Brilliant and Creative DIY Herb Gardens for Indoors and Outdoors

I love growing herbs because they look and smell so fresh and wonderful. Some are perfect for culinary uses. Others can be used in homemade herbal remedies. I have a friend who likes to grow herbs outdoors in creative containers like old boots, teacups, an old watering can. I favor vertical herb gardens both indoors […]

How to Make a DIY Storage Unit for Produce

This is a FANTASTIC example of how simple solutions are the best. Katie has a small kitchen and would sometimes store potatoes and onions on her counter. After getting tired of the clutter, she decided to make her own DIY Produce solution. It’s really simple and inexpensive!  In this article she explains how she made […]

3 Things to Consider When Drying Culinary Herbs [Video]

This is a great video by Kami of She explains things you need to consider before drying culinary herbs. It’s not a simple matter of hanging a clump of basil and ending up with nicely dried basil that you can put in a jar.You’ll learn how to first look at where you live and […]

How to Make a Morning Detox Drink

Kate was pregnant and was looking for a gentle detox drink that she could have in the morning. First, she explains the benefits of the four ingredients. A particular juice that helps the kidneys, urinary tract and lymphatic system A special form or gelatin that benefits the skin, hair, muscles, digestion and more An ingredient […]