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Herb & Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Fruit and herb-infused water is much healthier than fruit juices. Naturally infused water contains less sugar and is generally more refreshing. They’re also very easy drinks to make.In this article, Katie shares find easy-to-follow recipes for the following infused water: Cucumber Mint Citrus Blueberry Watermelon Basil Strawberry Lemon Cherry Lime Grapefruit Raspberry. Mango Pineapple Grape Orange […]

How to Make a Homemade Calm Balm

This is a calming essential oil balm that is soothing and promotes calmness. To a base of a carrier oil, shea butter and beeswax, Marie adds a variety of calming, soothing essential oils. There are 8 essential oils but after combining them into a blend, no single scent dominates. You’ll find clear directions and wonderful […]

Can Coconut Oil Really Deliver? (Test Results)

Coconut oil has been praised for a wide variety of beauty, personal care, and household uses. Allie decided to test 14 of the beauty and skin care uses of coconut oil. She discusses her findings here. FYI: She used organic, raw, unrefined virgin coconut oil for all of the tests. Please note that when she […]

The Easiest Herbal Chai Tea Recipe [Video]

In this video, Kami explains how to make a spicy herbal chai honey. You can then add some of the chai honey to some boiling water for a delicious cup of chai tea. I personally like to make my chai tea with hot milk, which would also be an option. I love the spicy smell […]

DIY Garden Projects For The Perfect Backyard

This is a great collection of DIY garden projects by Codreanu Andreea that will make your backyard special. over time, a backyard can be transformed into an outdoor room that you and your entire family can enjoy. In this post you’ll find a wide variety of backyard projects. Here are just a few: Learn how […]

Remedies For Sunburn and Summer Heat

In this article, the Herbal Academy of New England shares a variety of natural remedies for sunburn. You can apply many of these remedies as sprays, compresses or in a cooling bath. There’s also a recipe for a general sunburn spray. One remedy is aloe vera which soothes and heals damaged skin. They recommend applying […]

Homemade Anti-Itch Spray with Menthol & Aloe

If you garden, hike, bike, swim at the pool or beach, walk, run,  or participate in other summer activities, you know it’s easy to get itchy skin. Mosquitoes are a major culprit, as are some other flying bugs. Then there’s sunburn, rashes, scratches and more. One way or the other, you’ll get itchy skin this summer. […]

How To Grow Fruit Trees In Containers

This is a neat article that explains how to grow fruit trees in containers. This is something you can do inside a house, on balconies, or on rooftops. It even allows you to grow fruit even if you don’t live in an appropriate growing zone for that fruit. The size of the pot DOES matter […]

Shepherd’s Purse Tincture

The seed pouches of Shepherd’s Purse resembles old-time leather purses. Many herbalists consider Shepherd’s Purse tea  to be ideal for stopping bleeding. It can be used both internally and topically. It’s an extremely simple recipe. Kate includes step-by-step instructions with photographs. She also explains the best way to use the tincture. To see Kate’s recipe, click […]

15 Health Benefits – Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Daily

This is an interesting article that discusses the health benefits of drinking lemon water every day. Lemons contain a lot of nutrients: vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and more. One benefit is that it can aid in weight loss by reducing food cravings. I can confirm that this is true, but I never knew why. […]