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Bacon Brittle Recipe

This is Sue’s recipe for candied bacon, which if you’ve ever had it is incredibly delicious.  There’s a fantastic taste blend of the sweetness of the brittle and the more salty bacon. There are two things I like about  this recipe. First, you make it using a microwave, which is much easier than other methods. […]

Recipe for an Easy Homemade Floor Cleaner

This is a Guest Post by Amanda (Homemade for Elle) on the of Natural Living Mamma site.  She shares her recipe for an Easy Homemade Floor Cleaner. When you start reading about the chemicals in commercial cleaning products, it gets scary.  Floor cleaners contain  nonylphenol ethoxylate, which is toxic to the environment, and can disrupt […]

How to Make Handcrafted Arnica Massage Oil

Arnica is often used for the topical treatment of bruises. It’s also used for the topical treatment of inflammation, joint pain, and strains. Shanno provides some interesting background about arnica. She also includes some helpful precautions. Here are a couple: Arnica is not for internal use and shouldn’t be applied on broken skin or open wounds. […]

How to Make a Holiday Herbal Bathtub Relaxation Soak

This is a recipe for an herbal bath that will help to reduce holiday stress. The recipe uses pine needles (cedar, fur or pine will work) and another relaxing herb. Kami explains how to combine the ingredients and use them to create a relaxing herbal bath. You can make batches of these herbal tea bags […]

Cold and Flu Tea Recipe

Blog Content If you notice that people around you are ill with colds and the flu, Kami suggests that you drink this tea for several days. It contains one herb that will kick start your immune system Another herb has antiviral properties and stimulates circulation A third ingredient supports the lymphatic system It’s a very […]

What is Modern Homesteading?

This is an interesting post by Shannon of Country Crossroads that appeared in the Manitoba Co-Operator.  She shares her experiences at the DIY Homesteader Festival at the Interlaken farm near Fraserwood,  Manitoba. The festival was in 2013, but the information still applies today. 350 people showed up to learn about homesteading skills like cooking from […]

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

One of the things I love about Denise’s posts is that they are so thorough and informative. This is an excellent post on using coconut oil for health and beauty applications. In this post you’ll find: The Benefits of Coconut Oil Tips for Using Coconut Oil (10 Tips) Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Health […]

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning Recipes & Homemade Soft Scrub Recipe

I found this guest post by Stacy from Delighting in the Days on the Life Renewed blog.  There are some great, simple recipes for cleaning the bathroom without using chemical-laden commercial products.   You’ll get some simple recipes for: Cleaning the toilet  using a natural ingredient and essential oils An extra-strong toilet cleaner using 2 natural […]

How to Make Healing Herbal Remedies with Your Christmas Tree

This is a really interesting article by Kami. She explains different ways to use cedar and pine needles for herbal remedies. Certain conifers have been use in wild teas, for example, for ages in folk medicine remedies. They often contain high concentrations of vitamin C and have decongestant, expectorant and antiseptic properties. Kami discusses: How […]

How to Build a Tree Bench

This is an ambitious project for the warmer months, but it looks so wonderful!  What a great spot to relax, read, or chat!   Jennifer of  “This Old House” provides step-by-step directions for building  this tree bench. Navigate through the instructions by clicking on the “Next Step” or” Previous Step” buttons at the top of each […]