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Organic Aloe Face Cream Recipe + Instructions

This recipe is for a lotion that Tanya uses herself. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and works with all skin types. She uses: Aloe Vera which is a gentle astringent An oil that’s soothing and often used for massages Another oil that’s rich in antioxidants and is used in anti-aging remedies A natural butter that’s […]

Herbal Entrepreneur Class – How to Start an Herbal Business

If you’ve ever thought about starting an herbal business, the Herbal Academy has a class that will help you.  They’re offering an Entrepreneur Herbal Class that’s designed specifically to prepare students to run a small herbal products business. The class is online, taught by respected instructors, and you can start whenever you’re ready. At the completion of the […]

When Should I Start Sowing Seeds?

It’s the middle of the winter but I’ve been cheered up by the seed catalogs that have been arriving. This is the time of the year when some gardeners in the northern hemisphere start sowing seeds indoors. In this post, Tanya shares a great chart that shares the earliest seeds you can sow in January, February […]

Detox Waters for Cleansing and Wellness

Claire  makes a significant point at the beginning of this post. Rather than using a drink to magically detoxify our bodies, we need to use remedies that strengthen the body organs that are responsible for naturally detoxifying our bodies. The liver and kidneys are especially responsible for filtering toxins. In this post, she shares two […]

Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler

I love inhalers like these.  They’re simple, just the right shape, are easy to use, and you can carry them in your pocket, purse or backpack. In this post, Claire explains how to make an inhaler with essential oils that are focused on helping with cold and flu symptoms. The inhaler uses 5 essential oils. […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Without Killing Them

Ants are especially useful in the garden. They aerate the soil and loosen it up which helps to bring oxygen to plant roots.  They bring a lot of organic material to their nests which provide nutrients to soil. They also help plant propagation by carrying seeds from location to location. All of that is well […]

102 Things to Do on a Weekend Without Spending Money

Many people like to start off the New Year by spending less money and saving more. I saw this post on the Simple Dollar siet ( and thought there were some great ideas for activities you can do without spending money. There are also a ton of links to different resources. Here are just a […]

3 Old-Timey Herb Books You Can Read Online

It’s not often that we can read classic herbal manuscripts outside of libraries and museums. In this article, Agatha of the Herbal Academy of New England shares 3 herbal classics that can be read online. The books include: The Compleat Herbal King’s American Dispensatory A Modern Herbal Agatha provides a brief overview of each book and […]

6 Brilliant Hacks for Hard to Open Things

I really enjoyed this post and the video!  The video demonstrates very cool ways to open 6 hard to open items. A couple of these are pure genius.  You’ll learn how to: Open those ridiculous clam shell plastic packages that seemed designed to never open (Genius!) Open pickle jars and other jars easily Open that […]

FREE Webinar training with Kami McBride: Spice Rack Remedies

I want to invite you to an Incredible Free Webinar Training with Kami McBride on how to use your common kitchen spices to increase energy and prevent illness. Not only is it Free but it’s a LIVE webinar. The live webinar is on Thursday February 18 at 6pm PT (8pm CST and 9pm EST) Here is where […]