21 Brilliant Uses for Beeswax

21 Brilliant Uses for Beeswax


If you make natural beauty products like balms and salves, you know that beeswax is often a key ingredient. Beeswax protects the skin while still allowing it to breathe which makes it ideal for natural balms and salves. However, beeswax has many other uses. Jillee of One Good Thing shares 21 fantastic uses for beeswax. Here are a couple of the uses for beeswax that Jillee identified:

  • Ukrainian Easter eggs are often decorated with beautiful, intricate designs. You start out by applying beeswax with a stylus to cover the lightest part of the design – usually white. Then you dye the egg in the next color – for example yellow. Beeswax is used to cover the portions of the yellow dye that you want to protect from the next dye wash – for example blue. This continues until the design is completed. Then all of the wax is carefully burned off with the side of a candle flame.
  • Beeswax can also be used to waterproof shoes and boots. Jillee explains the process in her article.

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21 Brilliant Uses for Beeswax


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