24 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn


There are a lot of foods that can cause heartburn.  Tomatoes and spicy meals are at the top of the list.  But onions, chocolate, coffee, alcohol,and caffeine can also cause heartburn.  Heartburn is also a side-effect of certain medications like ibuprofen, certain blood pressure meds, aspirin, sleeping pills and many others.

Jillee of One Good Thing did some research and developed a list of 24 natural home remedies you can use to treat heartburn.  The list includes foods, juices, fruit, herbs, drinks, spices,  vegetables, essential oils and more.  Jillee explains why each of the remedies works and how to use each remedy.  If you suffer from heartburn, this post could help you.

Click on the 24 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn link below to read more about the specific remedies.

24 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

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