25 Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil

25 Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Claire first reviews a little bit of the history of tea tree oil. Then she shares 25 everyday uses for tea tree oil. She explains how tea tree oil works for each use and she also includes a recipe for each use.

At the end of the post she discusses what gives tea tree oil its anti-microbial properties and how it acts to fight microbes. It’s a very interesting post that’s loaded with natural remedies and recipes.

Here are just a few of the uses Claire discusses:

  • Clear up A Sore Throat
  • Fight that Head Cold
  • Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer
  • Repel Pests
  • All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

To read Claire’s post, click on the 25 Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil  link below. Also Claire has also written the  Everyday Roots Book. It includes 215+ original home remedies that will help you to replace toxic medications and products with healthier, natural alternatives. It’s really a quality, well-written book. Tons of easy-to-follow natural remedies and recipes.

25 Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil

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