25 Great Garden Markers for Herbs & Veggies

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I’m sort of obsessed when it comes to garden markers.  Whether it’s herb markers, or vegetable markers, I love to see new designs.  So when I found this post by Grace of DesignSponge I really got excited!  It’s like the Holy Grail of garden markers. ~ 25 different designs!  Wooden, ceramic, clay, porcelain, copper ~ there is wonderful variety in the plant markers discussed in this article.

As Grace says:  “From copper and wooden styles to tiny slate boards and hand-painted porcelain, the vast majority of these are affordable, handmade and produced by independent designers.”

There are some awesome designs.  The clothespins are a neat idea for labeling pots, or row markers when you start veggies from seeds.  The price is pretty reasonable.  I also love the ceramic markers with the color coding and plant or herb names etched in the ceramic.

Be careful to look at the pricing carefully. Sometimes the price is for a set of markers.  Other times it’s for just one marker.

Also, you may see a garden marker design that will stir your creativity.  I think some of these designs would make a fun DIY project.   FANTASTIC article!

25 Great Garden Markers for Herbs & Veggies

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