3 Natural Detox Bath Recipes



Warm detox baths remove toxins from the body.  As Katie of WellnessMama suggests,   it’s  best to have a detox bath before you go to bed because they do tire you out.   The warmer the water, the more intense the detox effect is.  So it’s better to start out slowly.

In this post Katie shares 3 Detox bath recipes which are simple and easy.

  • The first bath  bath is great for general detoxing, soothing skin irritation and boosting magnesium levels.
  • The second  bath removes a lot of toxins as one ingredient binds to heavy metals and another ingredient helps pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels.
  • The third bath is a good bath during illnesses or if you have allergies or skin irritations.

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3 Natural Detox Bath Recipes

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