30 Fast Tips for a More Frugal Life

In this post, Elyssa has collected some methods that will help you to make being frugal a way of life. As a result, you can save money for the important goals in your life.

Here are just a few of the tips:

  • Buy Used Items That are High Quality but Priced Lower
  • Before You Throw Something Away Figure Out if You Can Repurpose
  • Spend Less on College Textbooks
  • Shop With a List
  • Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

In addition to shopping with a list, I suggest eating something before you go shopping.  When I’m hungry and I go shopping, I just buy more.

This article is packed with money-saving strategies, tip and links. To see them all, click on the 30 Fast Tips for a More Frugal Life link below.

30 Fast Tips for a More Frugal Life