4 Simple Remedies for Toothache Relief

4 Simple Remedies for Toothache Relief

It does seem to be a universal law that any toothache will strike you over the weekend when there isn’t a dentist in sight. This post by Claire focuses on tooth pain that caused by cavities and dental decay.

Claire first explains the structure of the tooth and then shares how cavities form. (If this doesn’t get you to brush and floss, I don’t know what will.)  If you do get a toothache at an inopportune time, Claire provides 4 home remedies that can get you through the pain until you can see a dentist.

  • A remedy that has the same constituent you’ll find in over the counter toothache products
  • A liquid you can use (This is my favorite toothache remedy!)
  • An oil that can numb tooth pain
  • A home remedy that we used when I was a kid

Click on the 4 Simple Remedies for Toothache Relief link below to see these 4 toothache remedies.

Also, if you liked these remedies, Claire has a book out with 215+ home remedies, beauty recipes, and natural cleaning recipes. I don’t advertise a lot of books, but Claire’s book is really excellent.  Check out Claire’s book HERE

4 Simple Remedies for Toothache Relief


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