5 Easy Herbs You Can Grow

5 Easy Herbs You Can Grow

I love articles by the Herbal Academy of New England because they’re always thorough and well-written. This article discusses 5 easy herbs you can grow, along with the medicinal benefits of each herb.

In addition to medicinal benefits, you’ll learn if the herb likes sun or shade, when to sow seeds or plant cuttings, favored soil conditions, how to propagate and more.

  • Herb 1 is often used for upper respiratory illnesses.
  • Herb 2 can dry up excess mucus and sooth oral inflammation.
  • Herb 3 cleanses the blood and is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Herb 4 is used for coughs, colds and the flu.
  • Herb 5 is used to treat indigestion, liver problems and body aches and pains.

Click on the 5 Easy Herbs You Can Grow link below to find out which herbs are the easiest to grow.

5 Easy Herbs You Can Grow

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