5 Easy Steps to Making Compost Fast


This is a neat and helpful post about how to make compost fast.  The success of an organic garden is highly dependent on the quality of the soil.   Good compost goes a long way to improving soil quality.

This post goes through 5 steps for making compost in around 30 days.

  • How to optimize what you add to your compost
  • This step explains the source of carbon-rich ingredients and nitrogen-rich ingredients. It also discusses the best mix of the two.
  • This step explains an optimal size for a compost pile.
  • This step explains when to add water and how much to add.
  • This step explains some ways to get the air flowing in your compost pile.

Click the 5 Easy Steps to Making Compost Fast link below to read the full article.

5 Easy Steps to Making Compost Fast

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