5 Powerful Herbs that Aid Circulation

5 Powerful Herds that Aid Circulation

The circulatory system causes blood to circulate through the body, carrying oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and blood cells to other cells in the body. This system helps to fight disease, nourishes the body, and maintains body temperature and pH.

Poor circulatory system performance can result in atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, heart valve problems, angina heart pain, abnormal heart rates and rhythms, and other health problems. Obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can all cause circulation problems.

5 Powerful Herds that Aid Circulation 2

There are some herbs that are used to aid heart health and better circulation. They can increase good cholesterol, decrease bad cholesterol, stabilizing blood pressure, improving circulation, providing nutrients, and providing antioxidants. This article provides a good overview of 5 herbs that can aid circulation.

In addition to the 5 herbs discussed in this article, I’d add Ginger. Ginger is a stimulating herb that aids the circulatory system and gets the blood flowing. Studies have also shown that Ginger can act as a blood thinner, which can improve blood flow. Ginger can also help to lower blood pressure.

If you have any symptoms that may indicate a circulatory system problem, go to the doctor! These are a few of the symptoms: Poor blood circulation, Abnormal pulse, Poor wound healing, Cyanosis, Fatigue, Dizziness. Fainting, Headache, Chest pain, and Abnormal blood pressure


Also, it’s always a good idea to discuss with your doctor any herbs you plan to use. He or she can review any interactions with your current medications, as well as any contraindications due to planned procedures or operations.

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5 Powerful Herbs that Aid Circulation

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