5 Sunscreen Alternatives for Your Kids

5 Sunscreen Alternatives for Kids

Now that it’s summer and kids are outside so often during the day, sun protection is a real concern.  Commercial sunscreens have a lot of chemicals, which many Moms want to avoid.  In this post, Sandi discusses some great alternatives to sunscreens.

  • The best times to take the kids out
  • Schedule Your Day Around The Sun
  • What to look for or create yourself when you’re outside with the kids
  • How to dress and what clothing to get for your kids
  • The best thing you can do to protect your child’s head and face
  • What your child should wear all year for sun protection

Sandi includes a lot of helpful  tips and links too.  Click on the 5 Sunscreen Alternatives for Your Kids link below to read the complete post.

5 Sunscreen Alternatives for Your Kids

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