5 Ways Herbs Can Aid Post-Pregnancy Care & Breastfeeding

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NOTE: If you’re pregnant, please consult your doctor in advance about any herbs or essential oils you’d like to use.  Opinions vary on which herbs and essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and which should be avoided.   Your doctor will have the best advice for you.

From Amy at Mind, Body, Green:  “Herbs can ease the transition into motherhood (both for the mind and the body) just as they eased your transition into pregnancy. One of the toughest aspects of being a new mother (besides the lack of sleep) is the rapid hormonal changes the body goes through as soon as the baby is delivered. Let herbs do the heavy lifting of this transition while you rest and indulge yourself as much (and as often) as possible.”

Amy shares recipes for Herbal Teas and a Herbal Baths that can help with:

  • Hormone Balance
  • Body Reshaping
  • Emotional Support
  • Nursing Support
  • Pampering

You can get quality herbs for all of the recipes from Mountain Rose Herbs and the Bulk Herb Store.

5 Ways Herbs Can Aid Post-Pregnancy Care & Breastfeeding


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