9 Herbs for Healthy Eyes


Caring for our sight includes things like wearing sunglasses outdoors, eating a healthy diet, managing stress and more. But Dr. Linda White M.D. of Mother Earth Living agrees that medicinal plants also might be worth adding to our lives. One of the things I like about this article, is that Dr. White mentions a variety of different research studies related to the various herbs.

One herb that she discusses is Eyebright.   Eyebright has been used as a folk remedy to treat the eyes for a long time. She cites a South African study that showed that eyebright eyedrops sped up recovery from conjunctivitis. Another interesting study showed that eyebright lowers blood sugar in diabetic rats. (Diabetes in humans raises the risk for different diseases of the eye.)

Dr White also reviews some common eye diseases and offers some additional tips about the value to our vision of including more antioxidants in our diet. She has more specific recommendations for delaying or avoiding cataracts and macular degeneration.

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9 Herbs for Healthy Eyes

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