9 Ways To Use Valerian


When people hear about valerian, they normally think of its use as a sleep aid. However, in this article Jackie shares 9 different uses for this plant. You’ll also find growing information for valerian, as well as  a lot of helpful links.

As far as the various uses for valerian, Jackie explains:

  • How valerian was used in World War II to help soldiers and civilians deal with the effects of war
  • How to use valerian in First Aid Kit
  • A cough and bronchial treatment recipe
  • A bronchial relaxer tea recipe
  • Black cherry cough syrup recipe
  • Sleepytime Tea Tincture recipe
  • Valerian Mint Cordial recipe
  • Aunt Flo’s Cramps-B-Gone Tea recipe
  • Headache Ease Tincture recipe

It’s a very interesting and helpful article. Click on the 9 Ways to Use Valerian link below to read the compete article.

9 Ways To Use Valerian

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