A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

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A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

In the Midwest it seems like it’s windy all the time. But in the Winter it’s worse because in addition to the cold, the air is dry as well. So it’s easy to get dry, chapped skin. And the little ones do seem to end up with red irritated cheeks.

Jillee of One Good Thing decided to make her own, natural version of Chapstick. It’s a simple recipe that uses several oils, beeswax and essential oil. Once the salve hardens you can use it on your dry skin. Click on the Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks” link below to see Jillee’s remedy for dry, chapped skin.


A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

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