An All-In-One “Miracle” Eye Serum Recipe


An All-In-One “Miracle” Eye Serum Recipe

This is a recipe for an eye serum or cream by Jillee of One Good Thing.  She originally found the recipe on the Modern Alternative Mama site.  The recipe uses just 2 ingredients and is super simple to make.

One of the ingredients is sweet almond oil which has a lot of essential vitamins.  One of the vitamins is vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep the skin hydrated.  It’s also rich in fatty acids which is great for the skin.

All you do is mix two ingredients and the cream is ready to use.  You can also add essential oils to the cream.  Jillee originally used the cream all over her body.  But then she discovered the cream was perfect for removing eye make-up.  Check out the recipe here…..

An All-In-One “Miracle” Eye Serum Recipe

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