Homemade Anti Summer Heat Chafing Powder

Anti Summer Heat Chafing Powder


Marie of HumbleBee & Me calls this recipe “No More Summer Stick Powder.”  I think of it as an  “Anti Summer Heat Chafing Powder.”  When it’s really hot out, your legs (and other parts) can get hot and sticky.  This is a powder you can sprinkle on your body to stay dry and moving freely.  It’s really good for anyone walking out in the heat.  It’s especially good for runners, hikers and cyclists.  As long as you have air flow you won’t have sticking and chafing.

Marie developed this Anti Summer Heat Chafing Powder.  One ingredient is super absorbent.  Another ingredient boosts the absorption of the first ingredient.  A third ingredient is a natural moisture-adjusting product which absorbs or releases moisture as the humidity or temperature change. There are other ingredients that help to make this a moisture-absorbing wonder.

Please note that if you’re a runner, or hiker, or cyclist and plan to use this powder in sensitive areas, do not add any essential oils to the powder.  It could sting and burn.

Click on the Homemade Anti Summer Heat Chafing Powder link below to read Marie’s article and recipe.

Homemade Anti Summer Chafing Powder

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