Aromatherapy to Treat PMS & Hot Flashes ~ For Women Only


This is an interesting post by Donna of UntrainedHousewife.  She discusses the best use of essential oils when you are experiencing either PMS or hot flashes.

First, stress and eating foods with sugar or caffeine can make your hormones fluctuate.  This  can make you feel worse during your monthly cycle or when experiencing hot flashes. So reducing stress and reducing or eliminating sugar and caffeine are ways to help control PMS and hot flashes.

However, essential oils can also help.  Donna shares 2 recipes:

  • Women’s Bath Blend – This is a mixture of essential oils to add to your bath for a few days in a row before your cycle begins.  Th oils help to minimize the symptoms of PMS.
  • Women’s Relief on a Cotton Square – This is a remedy that uses a  couple of drops of 2 essential oils on cotton squares or balls.  You inhale the  scent whenever you have a hot flash or the symtoms of PMS.  Donna also recommends putting the scented square by your bed so that you can inhale the scent while sleeping.

Donna does warn that pregnant women or pre-pubescent girls should not use these remedies.   Click below to read this very helpful post.

Aromatherapy to Treat PMS & Hot Flashes ~ For Women Only

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