How to Make a Lavender & Lemongrass Linen and Room Spray

This is a recipe by Kimberly of Spa Scentz for a lavender, lemongrass linen and room spray.  It has a wonderful scent. Lavender has antiseptic, anti-depressant and other healthy properties.  Lemongrass is useful in stress reduction.  So it’s a wonderful essential oil combination. Click on the How to Make a  Lavender & Lemongrass  Linen and Room […]

4 Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

Andrea has a great guest post about turmeric over on the Modern Alternative Mama website. Turmeric has anti inflammatory benefits thanks to one of its components: curcumin. Turmeric also appears to inhibit certain types of cancer. However, Andrea explains why sprinkling powdered turmeric over your evening meal probably won’t give you all of the health […]

5 Natural Soaks to Remove Foot Odor

Do you or someone you love have stinky feet?  Does your dog keel over when you take your shoes and socks off?  Well then this is the post for you! Claire over at has shared a great post where she explains what exactly causes foot odor.  Then she provides recipes for 5 different foot […]

11 Best Ways To Naturally Treat Under Eye Circles + Puffiness

  Do you ever wake up in the morning with dark circles under your eyes and puffiness? A lot of people do. Lindsey explains what causes puffy eyes, red eyes, and dark circles. She then shares 3 ways to prevent puffiness. Finally, she reveals 11 different ways to treat puffiness and dark circles. There are […]

Poison Ivy Home Remedies that Can Help You This Summer

This article contains a wealth of information about poison ivy and includes 9 home remedies. It’s a VERY helpful article. Here’s just a part of what’s included in the article: How to identify poison ivy What oil in poison ivy causes itching? How to help a pet that’s been exposed to poison ivy 9 simple […]

10 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives

This is a wonderful article about antibiotics in general and natural antibiotics in particular.  Andrea of Frugally Sustainable first discusses the problems associated with traditional antibiotics.  She then explores the emerging trend toward using ancient healing methods.  She lists the benefits of lifestyle changes in strengthening our immune systems. Finally,  Andrea discusses 10 natural antibiotic […]

10 Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen and Save Money

If you want suggestions on how to cut down on waste and make your home increasingly green, this article has some terrific tips. Tracey of the Don’t Mess With Mama website has collected 10 different ways to go green in the kitchen. What I like about her suggestions is that they are both simple and […]

Homemade Honey Lavender Stress Relief Bath Melts Recipe

  After a cold, stressful day, wouldn’t you like to take a nice hot bath and smell the relaxing scent of lavender and honey? I know I would. Karrie of Happy Money Saver shares her recipe for homemade honey lavender stress relief bath melts. Making bath melts, bath bombs and fizzies is much less expensive […]

How to Make a Microderm Face Scrub

Helen shares her recipe for a microderm face scrub.  A microderm scrub is used to get rid of the dead top layer of skin on your face.  It’s such a simple recipe. I think probably most people have the necessary 4 ingredients in their homes.  After mixing the ingredients,  you use the scrub on your […]

How to Beat the Camping Blues with Essential Oils

Camping is a great summertime activity. You get to explore nature, hike, fish, swim, tell scary ghost stories at night. It’s great! But as Phil points out in this article, there are a lot of annoying things that go hand-in-hand with camping including: bugs, sunburn, difficulty sleeping, cuts and scrapes, and more. He had heard […]