Thirst-Quenching Basil Ginger Limeade Recipe

Basil Ginger Limeade Recipe

This is a summer drink that Kami has been serving to friends and family for over 20 years! It uses ginger, fresh basil, lime juice and other ingredients. It would be a great drink to make at cookouts or other family parties.

Kami includes the complete recipe and directions at the end of her post. But she also includes a video with helpful tips and tricks on making this wonderful, summertime drink. She also shares some of the health benefits of Ginger, which are pretty amazing.

Click on the Thirst-Quenching Basil Ginger Limeade Recipe link below to see the recipe and the video. Be sure to visit Kami’s site to see even more wonderful recipes.

Thirst-Quenching Basil Ginger Limeade


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