Can Coconut Oil Boost Thyroid Health?

Can Coconut ut Oil Boost Thyroid Health?i

Thyroid problems and thyroid cancer runs in the family of Katie of WellnessMama.  So in this article she reviews some of the current thinking about a correlation between thyroid problems and polyunsaturated oils and soy.

In addition to these dietary items, there are many other things that can cause a sluggish thyroid.  Katie runs through a number of them.

She goes on to discuss coconut oil as a dietary option since it’s high in healthy saturated fat, lauric acid, and medium chain fatty acids.

Then Katie shares how she uses coconut oil in her diet.  The interesting thing about increasing coconut oil in her diet is that she hasn’t gained weight.  In fact she’s been able to lose weight!

This is a very helpful and thought-provoking post.  Click on the  Can Coconut Oil Boost Thyroid Health? link below to read the complete article.

Can Coconut Oil Boost Thyroid Health?

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