7 Amazing Healing Properties of Nutmeg

Nutmeg has a wonderful scent.  It’s also very healthy.  It’s  loaded with vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and more. Did you know nutmeg is an aphrodisiac?  I didn’t either.  In this post on LA Healthy Living-All Things Natural, the author shares the 7 amazing healing properties of nutmeg. You’ll learn in detail how nutmeg can help […]

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine!

  In the past we’ve looked at a number of different approaches to Anti-Aging:   4 Anti-Aging Herbs for Longevity,  Rose Petal Salve Recipes (Anti-Aging) and a Recipe for Argan Serum for Mature Skin.  Today Jillee of One Good Thing shares a number of tips you can follow to prevent premature aging.  She also includes […]

How to Make an Anti-Aging Calendula-Rosehip Facial Serum

Rosehip Seed Oil is a carrier oil that has amazing skin-healing properties.  It’s often used in anti-aging remedies.  It works well on wrinkles, scars, and dry skin. Shannon uses Calendula which  is often used  in healing ointments for the skin.  This recipe by Shannon also uses another oil that targets dry, wrinkled, and mature skin.  So […]

Recipe for Argan Serum for Mature Skin

Marie of HumbleBee & Me developed an essential oils blend for mature skin.  It includes argan oil which is wonderful for the skin, South African chamomile essential oil, and another  essential oil that is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature skin. The recipe is very simple.  Use just a […]

20 Ways To Use Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil has a wonderful, fresh, summery scent.  It’s a very versatile oil that can be used in food recipes, cleaning recipes, and medical recipes. Denise details 20 different ways to use Orange Essential Oil.  You can use it for the following applications: Beauty Health Bath Relaxation Skin care Anti-aging Food recipes Insect Repellent Sleep […]

Essential Oils for Different Skin Types

It’s really easy to make your own essential oil blend.  All you have to do is select a base or carrier oil and then add one or more essential oils and blend. In this article on the Untrained Housewife site, SatuR lists a nice variety of essential oils  by  skin type.  This will help you […]

3 Little Known Anti Aging Herbs and Remedies You Have to Know About

This is a short overview of 3 herbs and their benefits to skin care and anti aging. There’s one that I had not heard of before. If you don’t have a local grower or source for herbs, check out Mountain Rose Herbs for the herbs mentioned in the article. Click on the 3 Little Known […]

5 Sunscreen Alternatives for Your Kids

Now that it’s summer and kids are outside so often during the day, sun protection is a real concern.  Commercial sunscreens have a lot of chemicals, which many Moms want to avoid.  In this post, Sandi discusses some great alternatives to sunscreens. The best times to take the kids out Schedule Your Day Around The Sun […]

The Miracle Butter: 6 Ways To Use African Shea Butter

Shea butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree.   You can find 100%, Grade A  natural Shea butter in health food stores, international food stores and some beauty supply stores. Courtney shares the advantages of using shea butter on your skin, how shea butter helps wounds heal faster  and how it helps […]

Extraordinary Skin Care Benefits of Turmeric

In this post  you’ll learn about the extraordinary skin care benefits of turmeric.  There are 10 skin benefits listed. You’ll also get a recipe for a simple face mask using Turmeric powder. Turmeric has a lot of skin treatment benefits.   It helps heal and prevent dry skin and slows the skin aging process. It […]