Homemade Aloe Mint Lotion Recipe

This is a tweaked version of Rosemary Gladstar’s “Famous Face Cream” which you can find in Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide.  This version was created by Jan of The Nerdy Farm Wife Jan provides very clear directions for making a mint tea water base, an oil and Shea butter mixture, and how to combine the […]

3 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make At Home This Weekend

  In this post Krystyn of MindBodyGreen shares 3 recipes for beauty treatments you can make at home.  The advantages of homemade beauty products are: You can use healthy natural ingredients You can avoid all chemicals It will save you money! Krystyn’s 3 homemade beauty product recipes are: Scalp Treatment ~ wonderful oils and other […]

A Truly Amazing Homemade Acne Treatment

Poppy suffered from adult acne and wanted to create a nature acne remedy. After doing some research, she decided to use a particular herb  because it’s antiseptic, antibacterial, and reduces skin inflammation and redness. Poppy explains how to use this herb to make a simple, skin remedy for acne. She applied it to the problems […]

How to Make a Baby Bump Belly Balm Bar

This is a balm that Shannon made for her cousin who’s expecting her first baby. It’s made with moisturizing carrier oils, cocoa butter, vitamin E and other ingredients. Rubbing the balm over her belly  keeps the skin supple and elastic. Please note there are NO essential oils in this recipe. Shannon’s recipe is simple and […]

How to Make Thieves Oil: A Safe, Natural Disinfectant & Health Aid

Thieves Oil has a long history that goes back to the 15th century. Dawn of the Small Footprint Family website shares the origins of this essential oil blend. It’s a story you won’t forget. Thieves Oil is an excellent germ killer. The ingredients are antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral. Thieves Oil also stimulates the immune system. […]

Homemade Peppermint & Lemon Face Wash

This is a recipe for a Peppermint and Lemon Face Wash by Aubrey of Homegrown and Healthy.  It uses a certain type of soap that has no dyes, chemicals or toxins.  It also has healthy fatty compounds that won’t dry your skin out. Peppermint is perfect for any skin type.  Lemon is an astringent and […]

Homemade Beetroot Lip Gloss Recipe

Beetroot produces a lovely maroon color. Since it’s water soluble, it presents a challenge for use in a lip gloss. Marie decided to dissolve it in vegetable glycerin and another ingredient. Only then did she add it to some melted oils and wax. It produces a beautiful, all-natural maroon lip gloss. Very rich coloring! The […]

Awesome Book Alert: EveryDay Roots 215+ Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes and DIY Household Products

This is my favorite herbal remedies book. Period. Claire owns and operates the highly regarded EveryDay Roots website.  I have featured many of Claire’s natural health, beauty, cleaning and DIY articles over the past year because her recipes are always well-researched and creative. Claire never stops at explaining HOW to make a remedy. She explains the […]

Homemade Foaming Facial Cleanser

This foaming facial cleanser is easy to make and economical. It takes off make-up and leaves skin feeling soft. It’s everything you’d want in a facial cleanser. Stephanie’s recipe uses castile soap , oil, and other ingredients. One thing I like is that she shares substitutions you can make for some of the ingredients. The […]

Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Recipe

Cucumbers are alkaline and high in vitamin C.  They are also anti-inflammatory.  Becca of  the Dabb List shares her recipe for a soothing cucumber eye gel. It is a super simple and inexpensive recipe that uses just 2 ingredients.  I LOVE simple recipes.  After mixing the cucumber eye gel, you apply it under and around […]