How to Make a Baby Bump Belly Balm Bar

This is a balm that Shannon made for her cousin who’s expecting her first baby. It’s made with moisturizing carrier oils, cocoa butter, vitamin E and other ingredients. Rubbing the balm over her belly  keeps the skin supple and elastic. Please note there are NO essential oils in this recipe. Shannon’s recipe is simple and […]

Homemade Diaper Crème Recipe

If you have a baby and would like a healthy alternative to commercial diaper creams, Marie has a natural recipe you may like. This is a nice, homemade diaper cream that doesn’t use petroleum oil or mineral oil. Instead Marie uses zinc oxide, water, an oil that’s gentle and quick-absorbing and other ingredients. The recipe […]

7 Homemade Natural Baby Care Recipes

Katie of WellnessMama shares 7 different natural baby care recipes.  She explains why she decided to make each recipe and she also discusses the value of the ingredients.   The recipes are clearly written with simple directions. Katie’s recipes include:  Natural Diaper Cream – Cloth Diaper Safe Homemade Vitamin Rich Baby Oil Homemade Soothing Baby Powder […]

Kid Friendly Zero-Calorie Drinks

Kids drink a lot of sugary drinks. Fruit juice is loaded with sugar.  So is pop.  An alternative is to serve your kids cold tea. You may think your kids won’t drink tea. Don’t rule it out until you try a few of the recipes.  I think the herbal tea drinks are a good place […]

How To Make Homemade Moisturizing Baby Shampoo

  This is an amazingly simple recipe for a 100% natural, organic, safe and easy to make baby shampoo developed by Sara at It doesn’t contain the questionable ingredients found in commercial baby shampoo like lauryl sulfate, parabens and other preservatives.  Instead of paying $10 to $15 for a 12 ounce bottle of commercial  […]

7 Natural Remedies for Kids

This is a very helpful post by Nina of diyNatural that discusses natural health remedies for kids.  She offers a helpful suggestion on when to dilute an essential oil when you use it with children.  She also has a helpful caution about Tea Tree Oil and children. This post shares how to use the following […]

How To Make Your Own Hairspray and Detangler

If you have small children with long hair or if you have long hair yourself, you know how tangled long hair can get and how painful it is to get the tangles out.   You can get commercial detanglers, but commercial products are filled with chemicals. Well Jillee came up with a simple solution for the […]

A Recipe for a Homemade Vapor Rub Salve

This is an all-natural alternative to commercial decongestant salves with petroleum as an ingredient.  Andrea  of Frugally Sustainable developed this salve which has a wonderful combination of healthy  herbs and essential oils.  Click on the Homemade Herbal Decongestant Salve link below for the full recipe. To see the complete recipe, click on the A Recipe for a […]

Herbal Remedies for Kids

One of the most frequent questions  that comes up is what herbs are good to use when your kids are sick.  This is a great post from Pantry Healing that answers this question.  The writer is a Mom with a 2-year old son.  These are herbal remedies that she uses for her own child. The […]

How to Make Your Own Herbal Baby Oil

Alia of Green Child shares her recipe for an herbal baby oil.  Her little boy has dry, sensitive skin and massaging him with this oil after baths keeps his skin nice and moist.  This oil is made with an essential oil and 3  herbs Alia grows in her herb garden. Mountain Rose Herbs is an […]