Merissa’s Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

Merissa of has developed her own homemade diaper rash cream.  Her recipe excludes zinc oxide.  unlike other homemade diaper rash creams, she says that this cream is cloth diaper-friendly.  Many homemade diaper rash creams end up building up on cloth diapers. This is a nice, simple recipe with just 4 ingredients.  Very easy to […]

How To Make A Delicious, Chocolate Herbal Cough Syrup

If you’ve ever had a child sick with a bad cough, you know what a relief it is when you find a cough syrup that they like and that works. Meagan at Growing Up Herbal has an EXCELLENT recipe for a chocolate herbal cough syrup.  As she said “This cough syrup is… #1 delicious… and […]

Homemade Nourishing Baby Lotion

An increasing nuber of Moms don’t like to use commercial baby lotions on their baby’s skin.  You can use a pure oil like olive, avocado, sweet almond, etc.  Kate at Modern Alternative Mama decided to develope a natural baby lotion. The recipe uses an essential oil, a dried herb and other ingredients.  It’s a simple […]

How To Make Homemade Calamine Lotion

I think everyone has a bottle of calamine lotion in their medicine cabinet.  It turns out that it’s surprisingly easy to make at home. Kresha of presents 2 separate homemade recipes for Calamine Lotion.  These are super simple recipes where you put everything in a bowl and whisk until mixed.  You can add the […]

How to Make Kid-Friendly Green Smoothies

This is a Guest post by Laura on  Laura normally posts on  Turquoise Home. I thought this was a very creative idea. Laura wanted her daughter to drink more green smoothies.  Sometimes her daughter  did and sometimes she didn’t. So Laura decided to try freezing the green smoothie as a popsicle.  Laura shares her […]

Miracle Earache Remedies

It’s incredibly painful for an adult or little one to be in pain from an earache. In this article, you’ll learn about a particular oil which has antibacterial properties. You just warm it up, cool it down a bit and use it in your ear. You’ll also find many other remedies for earaches in this post. Click the […]

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes Tutorial

So many young Moms are now using cloth diapers for their babies as a part of a more natural lifestyle.  But as Faith of ModernAlternativeMama points out, a lot of these same Moms are still using commercial baby wipes with chemicals and additives. She shares her method for making all-natural baby wipes.  They are soft, […]

Homemade Moisturizing Baby Shampoo Recipe

Sara of My Merry Messy Life  shares her recipe for a 100% natural, organic, and safe baby shampoo.  It’s also easy to make.  Because of the essential oils and aloe vera there’s no need to use a lotion after baths.  Sara uses this shampoo with her one-year-old and three-year-old so it is a trusted recipe […]

12 Remedies for Treating Lice at Home

Lice.  Ugh!  If you have school-aged kids you may have received a call from school alerting you that one of your kid’s classmates has lice. Lice are easily transmitted, especially among younger children. In this post by Andrea of Frugally Sustainable you will learn: What lice are What Causes Lice What are the Symptoms Different […]

Herbal Academy of New England – New Courses!

The Herbal Academy of New England (HANE) has announced a fantastic new selection of Herbal Programs and classes. These are all online, self-paced classes. The programs are a package of individual classes and other materials that help you to achieve a particular career goal e.g. Clinical Herbalist, Professional Herbalist etc. You can still take individual […]