Homemade Teething Oil

When your baby is teething and crying,  it’s hard to not find the quickest over-the-counter med and use it to give your child relief.  However, Heather of MommyPotamus has some eye-opening and frightening information about giving drug treatments like Anbesol and Baby Orajel to little ones under the age of two. As an alternative, Heather […]

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Bored Kids

O.k. summer is half over and you’ve probably exhausted your list of fun stuff to do with the kids this summer. Peggy to the rescue! She’s collected 29 different fun activities for bored kids. Here are just a few: Make lawn stars with sifted flour Play in a homemade ball pit Create art from things […]

5 Really Good Reasons Why Kids Need Time In Nature

This is a really interesting article. Research shows that children who spend time out in nature earlier in their lives are more motivated to get out into nature as adults. This is important for parents to know because it’s never too late to expose your kids to hiking, camping, and exploring nature.  Ros explores 5 reasons […]

How to Make Honey Lemon Sore Throat Lollipops for Kids

Brittany and Kristin developed this home remedy for the common cold or sore throat that many kids get. They explain how to make honey – lemon lollipops. It’s a very simple recipe and the directions are very clear. By the way, these work great for adults too! They offer the option of using lemon essential […]

Natural Teething Tips from a Mom

It’s a major milestone when your baby’s “baby” teeth start to come in. But it’s a rare baby that doesn’t experience pain and discomfort when the teeth emerge through the gums.  Babies exhibit different symptoms when they’re teething. Here are just a few of the signs your baby may be teething: Irritability Drooling Swollen gums […]

The 55 Best Herbal Remedies

This is a fantastic article that discusses the 55 best herbal remedies. The goal was to show some of the research studies that provide clinical data that confirm herbs are effective treatments for many ailments. Some herbs have multiple entries because they treat many different ailments and have different supporting research studies. For example, Ginseng […]

Announcing the Little Bum Bum Baby Balm Giveaway

I love Katie’s soaps (her Lavender bar soap is a favorite of mine) and I was really excited to see that she is running a give away of her baby diaper balm. Even Mom gets a prize! Katie created her Bum Bum Baby Balm when her young son was born. You can win: Original Little […]

Natural Remedies for 7 Common Back-To- School Ailments

When kids go back to school, they share all sorts of ailments like coughs, colds, lice and more. However, if you have a few essential oils, you can do a lot to help your kids. Jillee shares essential oil remedies and recipes to treat: Head Lice Pink Eye Impetigo Ringworm Scabies ADHD Insomnia/Anxiety Click on […]

Homemade Natural Gripe Water for Colic in Babies

This is a very helpful post for Moms with colicky babies by Sara of My Merry Messy Life. Summer Herbs.  Gripe water is a home remedy for infants with acid reflux , colic, stomach upset, teething pain, and other stomach ailments. Sara had used commercial Gripe Water with her 3 babies.  However, when she checked […]

22 Fresh Air Summer Ideas For Kids

Denise has collected some great ideas to get kids outside to have fun this summer. You can use these ideas to get them away from t.v., the computer, video games etc. etc. A couple of my favorites are: Have the kids help you to plant a garden. If you have enough space, give each child […]