30 Magical Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide!

  Jillee has compiled a list of 30 different uses for hydrogen peroxide. You can use it to wash vegetables, clean cutting boards and kitchens, whiten bathtub grout, add natural highlights to your hair and More! Hydrogen peroxide really is a power product with many magical and surprising uses. Click on the 30 Magical Uses […]

How to Make Thieves Oil: A Safe, Natural Disinfectant & Health Aid

Thieves Oil has a long history that goes back to the 15th century. Dawn of the Small Footprint Family website shares the origins of this essential oil blend. It’s a story you won’t forget. Thieves Oil is an excellent germ killer. The ingredients are antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral. Thieves Oil also stimulates the immune system. […]

Awesome Book Alert: EveryDay Roots 215+ Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes and DIY Household Products

This is my favorite herbal remedies book. Period. Claire owns and operates the highly regarded EveryDay Roots website.  I have featured many of Claire’s natural health, beauty, cleaning and DIY articles over the past year because her recipes are always well-researched and creative. Claire never stops at explaining HOW to make a remedy. She explains the […]

How to Make Homemade Cottage Room Spray

When I was a little kid we drove north to Wisconsin to visit relatives almost every summer.  The drive took us into the country.  Corn fields, lakes, horses, cows.  It was always an adventure. At some point the sweet scent of clover would fill the car. It was the smell of summer for me. To […]

Make Your Own Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener

This is Jillee’s recipe for a rosemary mint fabric softener. The recipe is simple: mix the 3 ingredients and use the same amount you’d normally use in the rinse cycle if you were using a commercial fabric softener. Note: The recipe does use one commercial product. I didn’t find an entry for this product in […]

34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners You Can Make

Commercial air fresheners, sprays and some candles contain chemicals and artificial scents and colorants that can be harmful. John of Homemade Home Ideas has collected 34 DIY natural air fresheners. You’ll find gel air fresheners, herbal and fruit simmer pots, homemade potpourri, natural scented sprays and MORE! Click on the 34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners […]

How To Make Your Own Natural Spray Starch

Commercial spray starch products contain formaldehyde which is not healthy. And depending on where you live, spray starch can be expensive. Jillee of One Good Thing decided to make a homemade version of spray starch.  It’s an incredibly simple recipe that uses just 3 ingredients.  Not only is it a snap to mix and use.  […]

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths…No Chemicals Required!

This is an eye opener of a post.  Jillee of One Good Thing shows what it’s like to dust and clean with microfiber cloths.  These cloths are non-abrasive, lint-free and absorbent.  They attract dust, dirt and bacteria and can be used to clean almost any surface.  Professional cleaners use microfiber cloths for heavy-duty cleaning.  You […]

35 Best Natural Cleaning Tips

Desiree of the 36th Avenue website compiled 35 of the best cleaning tips. The article is organized in a somewhat different way than most tip articles. The first article lists 10 tips. Then at the bottom of the first article, there’s a link to 10 more cleaning tips and another link to 15 additional cleaning tips. […]

35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar

Gaye of shares an article from Joe at  Joe has assembled his top 35 uses for vinegar.  In some cases he provides little, mini recipes. Also Gaye shares her recipe for Peppermint Juice, a cleaner for windows, floors, and general surface cleaner. I have used my own version of Peppermint Juice for cleaning […]